Fr Georges Florovsky: Did You Realize You Have an Intrinsic Duty to Study History?

Feast of St Christina the Great Martyr of Tyre and of St Athenagoras the Apologist

Florovsky_Square_10.jpegCHRISTIANITY is a religion of historians” (cf. Mark Bloch, The Historian’s Craft). It is a strong phrase, but the statement is correct. Christianity is basically a vigorous appeal to history, a witness of faith to certain particular events in the past, to certain particular data of history. These events are acknowledged by faith as truly... Continue Reading

The Books of Eighth Day Institute: An Alphabetical Collection Selected by Director Doom

Feast of Sts John and Symeon the Fool for Christ

EDI_Books_Square.jpegI'VE PACKED and unpacked thousands and thousands of books, hauled as many around the country for book tables, set up two small bookstores, traveled twelve hours just to make a stab-in-the-dark bid to purchase a monastery library, all while working for Mr. Warren Farha of Eighth Day Books – he and his staff continue to travel the country peddling books... Continue Reading

Christopher Dawson: Do You Know Why We Date History B.C. and A.D.?

Feast of Sts John and Symeon the Holy Fool for Christ

Dawson_Square_3.jpegIT IS VERY difficult, perhaps even impossible, to explain the Christian view of history to a non-Christian, since it is necessary to accept the Christian faith in order to understand the Christian view of history, and those who reject the idea of a divine revelation are necessarily obliged to reject the Christian view of history as well. And even... Continue Reading

Sanctifying the World: The Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson

Feast of the Glorious Prophet Elijah
Sanctifying the Mind: The Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson by Bradley Birzer

Sanctifying_the_Mind.jpgTHIS SCHOLAR of culture and history was one of the most counter-cultural of all intellectuals,” writes Bradley Birzer in his sympathetic biography of Christopher Dawson. “As the world rejected God, Dawson embraced God. As the world rejected myth, Dawson embraced myth. As the world rejected . . . prophets,... Continue Reading

On the Road: Peddling Books & Culture in Austin, TX at Circe Conference 2017

Feast of the Glorious Prophet Elijah

Circe_Square.jpegIT'S BEEN five years since I peddled Eighth Day books and culture at a Circe Conference. That was in Louisville, KY, back in 2012 when a tornado took the roof off the hotel that was hosting the conference. I was staying at another hotel where I only had to deal with a power outage. It was the first time I really experienced pitch black darkness... Continue Reading

The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus's Crucifixion

Feast of the Glorious Prophet Elijah

Day_the_Revolution_Began_Square.jpegEVERY SUNDAY morning, Christians across America listen to sermons from the Bible. Those sermons might include a well-known Old Testament story, or a dense passage from one of Paul’s magnificent letters, or a few poetic verses from the Psalms, or a quizzical parable from one of the Gospels. Either way, those sermons are typically from the Bible (as they should be), and, they are... Continue Reading

Christopher Dawson: Is Your Theology of History Based on Historic Christianity?

Feast of St Macrina the Righteous, Sister of St Basil the Great

Dawson_Square_2.jpegTHE PROBLEM of the relations of Christianity to History has been very much complicated and, I think, obscured by the influence of nineteenth-century philosophy. Almost all the great idealist philosophers of that century, like Fichte and Schelling and Hegel, constructed elaborate philosophies of history which had a very considerable influence on the historians, especially in Germany, and on... Continue Reading

Fr Romano Guardini: Do You See the Words of the Old Testament Shimmering with Jesus the Messiah?

Feast of the Holy Great Martyr Marina (Margaret)

Guardini_Square_2.jpegON PENTECOST faith was born, and with it Christian existence. Consciousness of a life grounded in Christ, its beginning and end, opened people’s eyes. The Christians looked about them, reviewing the past, not only that of individuals but in the collective form of human history; they recognized themselves as part of that history and claimed it for their own.

The history of... Continue Reading

Summer Member Meeting & the St John of Damascus Award

Feast of St Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles of Kiev

John_Damascene_by_Thophanes_the_Cretan_at_Monastery_of_Stavroniketa.jpegWE'VE GOT two new events that are in the works, one for the end of July and the other at the end of August:

1. On Friday evening, July 28, we will host our first annual Summer State of the Institute meeting for Eighth Day Members. In addition to a brief report about Eighth Day Institute, we also hope this meeting will facilitate... Continue Reading

The Rise of Western Christendom: Triumph and Diversity, 200-1000 AD

Feast of Nicodemus the Righteous of Mount Athos
The Rise of Western Christendom: Triumph and Diversity, 200-1000 AD by Peter Brown; 3rd edition

Brown_Christendom_Square.jpegPETER BROWN tackles an enormous topic in a short space in this tenth anniversary, revised edition of the 1997 original. In an important new 47-page preface, Brown sums up recent arguments in the field of Late Antiquity and points the reader to a “short selection” of... Continue Reading