Tertullian: Do You Listen Diligently to Our Lord?

Feast of St Agrippina the Martyr of Rome

Tertullian_Square_4.jpegIF WE SEE all servants of probity and right feeling shaping their conduct suitably to the disposition of their lord; if, that is, the art of deserving favor is obedience, while the rule of obedience is a compliant subjection: how much more does it behoove us to be found with a character in accordance with our Lord, – servants as we... Continue Reading

Metaphysician of the Concrete: A François Mauriac Primer

Feast of St Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata

Mauriac_Square.jpgFRANCOIS Mauriac (1885-1970) is an author whose work deserves to be better known amongst today’s English-speaking readers. Once considered one of the finest French writers of his day, Mauriac was awarded the Grand prix du roman by the Académie Française in 1925, and in 1952 received the Nobel Prize in literature “for the deep spiritual insight and the artistic intensity with which he... Continue Reading

On the Road: Dallas and Pittsburgh

Feast of St Julian, the Martyr of Tarsus

ACCS_Square.jpegWARREN and I both hit the road yesterday. Warren is in Dallas peddling books at the Society for Classical Learning conference; I'm in Pittsburgh, PA peddling books and EDI at the Association of Christian Classical Schools conference. After a long day of setting up, I was cheered by the Wichita contingent...about 15 of them from the Classical School of Wichita.

If you're... Continue Reading

Tertullian: Did You Know Patience Is God's Nature?

Feast of the Holy Martyr Julian

Tertullian_square_3.jpegTHIS SPECIES of the divine patience indeed being, as it were, at a distance, may perhaps be esteemed as among “things too high for us;” but what is that which, in a certain way, has been grasped by hand among men openly on the earth? God suffers Himself to be conceived in a mother’s womb, and awaits the time for birth; and, when born,... Continue Reading

Tertullian: Do You Persistently Plead for the Health of Patience?

Feast of the Holy Martyr Zosima

Tertullian_square_2.jpegI FULLY confess unto the Lord God that it has been rash enough, if not even impudent, in me to have dared compose a treatise on Patience, for practicing which I am all unfit, being a man of no goodness; whereas it were becoming that such as have addressed themselves to the demonstration and commendation of some particular thing, should themselves first be conspicuous... Continue Reading

My Hero Alan Kreider: May His Memory Be Eternal!

Feast of St Alban the Protomartyr of Britain

Krieder_Square_1.jpegTHERE ARE about a dozen men I’ve known who have had a huge impact on me. They are my heroes. Several of them have fallen asleep in the Lord over the last several years, including Dr. Anthony Gythiel (my most important undergraduate and graduate professor and master’s thesis director) and Gene Herr (a dear friend who encouraged and inspired me to move... Continue Reading

Digital Lectern Blogs

Vladimir Lossky: Is the Mystery of Pentecost as Important to You as the Mystery of Redemption?

Feast of the 40 Martyrs of Rome

Lossky_Square_2.jpegTHE MYSTERY of our redemption leads up to what the Fathers call the recapitulation of our nature by Christ and in Christ. This is the Christological foundation of the Church, which expresses itself above all in the sacramental life, with its quality of absolute objectivity. But if we wish to safeguard another aspect of the Church, which has a quality of subjectivity no... Continue Reading

St Basil: What Do You Mean by the Name Heresy?

Feast of the Holy Prophet Elisha

EVEN A fool, it is said, when he asks questions, is counted wise. But when a wise man asks questions, he makes even a fool wise. And this, thank God, is my case, as often as I receive a letter from your industrious self. For we become more learned and wiser than we were before, merely by asking questions, because we are taught many things which we did not know; and our... Continue Reading