Ascetical Works of St Basil the Great

Feast of St Lazarus the Wonderworker
Ascetical Works – Fathers of the Church Patristic Series, Vol. 9 by St. Basil the Great; trans. by Vasilii Blazhennyi and M. Monica Wagner

Basil_Square_6.jpgIF YOU have ever wondered why St. Basil is called ‘The Great,’ you need look no further than this collection of writings which, for their subsequent impact on Church and culture, rank among the most important documents of late antiquity. St. Basil was the product of a remarkable Christian family which produced three bishops, a monk, and a nun. An extraordinarily gifted intellectual, he pursued education in Constantinople and Athens before leaving public life to convert his Cappadocian family estate into a monastic community. Basil’s monasticism became the Eastern, normative form after the fourth century: the small ascetic ‘family,’ balancing the hermit-life of Anthony with the large monastic society of Pachomius. His writings, especially The Long Rules, were primary for Cassian and Benedict. Hence Basil was also an inspiration of monastic development in the West. This volume includes The Long Rules with An Introduction to the Ascetical Life and 14 other moral and doctrinal texts.

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