The Bibliotheca: A Library of Lordly Language

Fotios-Megas-IN.pngAlthough we cannot officially substantiate the following claim, we consider St. Photius the Great, a ninth-century Patriarch of Constantinople, the patron saint of blurbs. Fulfilling a request from his brother Tarasius, St. Photius composed a work in which he reviewed 279 books. These books included both Christian and pagan works. Most of the Christian works were patristic theology and the pagan works were mostly history and literature. Arranged in no systematic order, Photius titled his work The Biblioteca, a Greek word that carries a double connotation, meaning both a list of books, i.e. a catalog, and a collection of books, i.e. a library.

We're also claiming St. Photius as the patron saint for our Eighth Day Blog. And in his honor, we're calling it The Biblioteca. Like Photius, we'll be providing book reviews - both new and old from the Eighth Day Books catalog - on a regular basis. But we'll also be building a library. In addition to 200px-Bibliotheca_cover.pngEighth Day Blurbs, we'll be posting a Daily Word: a short quote from the Bible, the Fathers, or the Classics, followed by a one- or two-sentence reaction and a simple question to stimulate dialogue. We'll also be building a library of heroes, short reflections on each hero presented at The Hall of Men. And finally, we'll be making regular blog posts. We're calling the shorter posts Reflections (they'll be limited to 500 words), and the longer posts Essays (up to 1500 words). We might even occasionally post an Article (3000-5000 words).

06_St_Augustine_jpg.jpgWe've gathered a highly-esteemed team of contributors to help us build this Bibliotheca. Our goal is both simple and lofty: to build a library of splendorous letters and lordly language.

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