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St Anselm of Canterbury: A Monastic Theologian

Commemoration of St. Spyridon's Miracle in Corfu against the Turkish Invasion of 1716

Anselm_Works_Square.jpegI CAN NOW say that I have read all of St. Anselm’s works (except for the three volumes of his letters, which I’m currently working my way through). And I finished them just in time to prepare a lecture for last evening’s Hall of Men. If you're an Eighth Day Member, that lecture will appear in the... Continue Reading

St Anselm: A Father of the Church, East and West?

Feast of Holy Seven Youths of Ephesus

Anselm_Square_2.jpegIN PREPARATION for a lecture next week at the Hall of Men, I've been reading St. Anselm this week. Apart from his Prayers and Meditations, which are absolutely wonderful (here’s a sample from a recent post in our Patristic Word, which focuses on the Cross), I have to confess that I haven’t read St. Anselm since my undergraduate studies... Continue Reading

Ralph Wood: EDI's Indispensable Ecumenical Work (plus a chronology of peddling Eighth Day books and culture)

Feast of the Procession of the Precious Cross and of the Holy Seven Maccabee Children, Solomone Their Mother, and Eleazar Their Teacher

Wood__Ralph.jpg“THE WORK of Eighth Day Institute is uncompromisingly ecumenical. Roman Catholics and Protestants join Orthodox to discover and explore the deep things they hold common as Christians. This splendid community constitutes a vital alternative to the stale denominationalism that characterizes much of contemporary church life, as well as... Continue Reading

The Books of Eighth Day Institute: An Alphabetical Collection Selected by Director Doom

Feast of Sts John and Symeon the Fool for Christ

EDI_Books_Square.jpegI'VE PACKED and unpacked thousands and thousands of books, hauled as many around the country for book tables, set up two small bookstores, traveled twelve hours just to make a stab-in-the-dark bid to purchase a monastery library, all while working for Mr. Warren Farha of Eighth Day Books – he and his staff continue to travel the country peddling books... Continue Reading

The Books of My Life: An Essay from the Original Synaxis

Feast of St. Aquila the Apostle among the 70

Front_Cover_Original_Synaxis_Square.jpgOVER THE last couple of weeks, I’ve been completely reorganizing my library at The Ladder. I’ve had to install a number of new shelves to get the many stacks of books off the floor of the upstairs. The main floor is finished and the second floor will be completed this weekend. This reorganization was provoked by something I will tell you... Continue Reading

Amusing Our Culture to Death: A Postman Prophecy Fulfilled?

Feast of Sts Cosmas & Damian, the Holy Unmercenaries

amusing-ourselves-to-death_Square_1.jpegBACK IN 1985, Neil Postman published a great book titled Amusing Ourselves to Death. It has proved to be quite prophetic, increasingly so these days. If you haven’t read it yet, it really is a must read. It’s long been a staple at Eighth Day Books, where you can still purchase a copy. Here’s a short quote to give you... Continue Reading

My Hero Alan Kreider: May His Memory Be Eternal!

Feast of St Alban the Protomartyr of Britain

Krieder_Square_1.jpegTHERE ARE about a dozen men I’ve known who have had a huge impact on me. They are my heroes. Several of them have fallen asleep in the Lord over the last several years, including Dr. Anthony Gythiel (my most important undergraduate and graduate professor and master’s thesis director) and Gene Herr (a dear friend who encouraged and inspired me to move... Continue Reading

The Love of Learning and a Contemporary Midrash

Feast of the Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Proussa

Akiva_Square.jpegTHE LAST two presentations at the Hall of Men have been especially inspiring for me personally.

Two meetings ago, Dusty Gates, Director of Education at the Catholic Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, KS, presented John Senior as a “Defender of Realism and Professor of the Humanities.” In the 1970s, Senior helped start and lead the Pearson Integrated Humanities Program at the University... Continue Reading

The Decline of Western Culture: A Letter to Wendell Berry

Feast of St Nicephorus, Archbishop of Constantinople

Sewanee_Teaching_Square.pngWHILE MY focus is currently zoomed in on solidifying EDI’s core offerings – making them consistent and top quality – and stabilizing EDI financially, the Catechetical Academy is never far from my mind. It is the reason I started Eighth Day Institute and it is going to happen. That’s a promise. But not quite yet.

Part of solidifying EDI’s core offerings includes clarifying... Continue Reading

John Senior: Defender of Realism and Professor of Integrated Humanities

Feast of Carpos and Alphaeus, Apostles of the 70

John_Senior_Square.jpegONE OF MY great heroes was presented at the Hall of Men last evening. Dusty Gates, Director of Education at the Spiritual Life Center and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Newman University, gave an excellent and inspiring presentation on John Senior. If you don’t know who John Senior is, you need to listen to the lecture (click here for audio... Continue Reading