Homilies on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

Feast of St Thecla the Protomartyr & Equal to the Apostles
Gregory_on_Ezekiel_Square.jpgHomilies on the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel by St. Gregory the Great; translated by Theodosia Tomkison

ORIGINALLY delivered in AD 593 as Lombard hordes surrounded a beleaguered Rome, Pope Gregory's exposition of Ezekiel overflows with concern for the preservation of the Church's spiritual life in difficult times. This is therefore necessarily a pedagogical work, a "curriculum" in 22 sermons, not a historical-grammatical commentary in the modern sense. Ezekiel explains, through the pen of the good Doctor, the "tenses and modes" of prophecy, the multiple senses of Scripture, the life of holy preachers, Christian attentiveness to God and many other practical themes. For St. Gregory, Ezekiel is a person in dialogue with the Church, rather than a text under the scrutiny of a scholar. Gregory writes with concern that his hearers grow in strength and in grace, and this fine first translation brings his pastoral voice to us in English. The text concludes with nineteen additional fragments of St. Gregory's writings on various Biblical themes.

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