Idiot Psalms

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Idiot Psalms: New Poems by Scott Cairns

Idiot_Psalms_Square.jpgFOURTEEN “Idiot Psalms” are surrounded by dozens of other poems by one of our favorite poets. This collection by Cairns follows several other works of poetry, essays, and memoir, and will prove his most challenging work yet. Acclaimed fellow poet B. H. Fairchild says of Cairns: “Among American poets of religious belief at the present time, none is more skillful, authentic, or convincing than Scott Cairns. Far from the old stereotype of such poets as naive and otherworldly, Cairns in every poem reveals his attachment to ‘the ten thousand things’ and to their participation in the mysteries of ultimate Being. He is steadily making himself and his work indispensable to the richness and breadth of contemporary poetry, an ascent confirmed both beautifully and movingly in Idiot Psalms.”

From the book, Idiot Psalm 1:

O God Belovéd if obliquely so

dimly apprehended in the midst

of this the fraught obscuring fog

of my insufficiently capacious ken,

Ostensible Lover of our kind—while

apparently aloof—allow

that I might glimpse once more

Your shadow in the land, avail

for me, a second time, the sense

of dire Presence in the pulsing

hollow near the heart.

Once more, O Lord, from Your Enormity incline

your Face to shine upon Your servant, shy

of immolation, if You will.

96 pp. paper $17.00

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