Leading Lives That Matter

Feast of St Romanos, Prince of Uglich
Leading Lives That Matter: What We Should Do and Who We Should Be edited by Mark R. Schwehn and Dorothy C. Bass

Leading_Lives_that_Matter_Square.jpgIF "INTEGRITY" means that a person is truly “integrated,” then few of us can claim it. We live in an unprecedented age, one of interior placelessness and the loss of wise community. Beyond a helpful push toward employment and autonomy, our culture offers very little to sustain the soul. Virtue, the soul’s anchor, guide and ground of being, is not a subject of interest in our media or the public schools. What captures our attention today are health services and material commodities—and we measure their weight in dollars. A man or woman searching for authenticity, for transcendent purpose, will feel very foolish in the face of modern confidence in lifeless matter. We need examples of those who have given shape to love and meaning and can teach us “what we should do and who we should be.” This book is an anthology of such examples, from Wendell Berry and Willa Cather to W. B. Yeats and H. G. Wells. Lewis, Dillard, Frost, Steinbeck and Heschel are quoted alongside Homer and Aristotle. The list is extensive. Schwehn and Bass have crafted a handbook for those who would seek the intellectual and spiritual beauty of philosophers and saints, novelists and poets, on work and vocation.

545 pp. paper $31.00

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