On the Apostolic Preaching

Feast of St Nicephoros the Martyr of Antioch
On the Apostolic Preaching by St. Irenaeus of Lyons; trans. and intro. by John Behr


ST IRENAEUS may be considered the most important second-century Christian theologian. Having known Polycarp, who knew the apostles firsthand, Irenaeus's teachings remain close to the spirit of the apostolic age, inheriting both its vocabulary and theological convictions. The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching reflects this tradition and vision, outlining Christian teaching with exceptional clarity. Translated from the ancient Armenian version, this small but powerful handbook illuminates the many wondrous deeds of God, culminating in the exaltation of His crucified Son. Irenaeus draws lavishly from the Old and New Testament to present a concise yet panoramic view of the divine action of the Incarnation.

121 pp. paper $17.00

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