Sisters of Sophia

yaroslavl-icons6.jpgWELL, WE (or they) finally did it.

After years of hopes and prayers and surreptitiously conspiring how we could be part of the Hall of Men (Some, I’ve heard, considered wearing costume beards, sitting in the back, and pretending to like dark beer), the Sisters of Sophia are official.

Our inaugural evening kicked off with a delicious meal prepared by Barb Orsi with Christiane Doom keeping us hydrated and merry via her wine-pouring skills at the bar. Ellen Awe led us in a beautiful opening convocation that included the Nicene Creed as we continued to make room for new arrivals. Final head count of the night: 37. Guys, at this rate, we may need to pop the roof and add more pews!

The unflappable leader of our gang, Nyleen Lenk, gave a warm inaugural address, reminding us that the ‘Sophia’ after which we are named is nothing short of the wisdom of God. We, she reminded us, are icons of Christ, friends of Jesus. As we learn about the heroines of the faith—women who are saints, poets, writers, or all of the above--we will be stretched and inspired, whatever stage of life we are in, wherever we are on our spiritual paths, in ways both big and small, toward renewal of our culture.

Join us every third Tuesday, with a few exceptions (e.g., for January, we attend the Eighth Day Symposium), as we embark on what will surely be a life-changing experience for all of us as we deepen our understanding of these great women of faith who, unsung as they may sometimes be, still have so much to say to us.

2017 Schedule

Feb 21 - Barb Orsi on Harriet Beecher Stowe

Mar 21 - Ann Harder on Flannery O'Connor

Apr 18 - Martha Sturgill on Mary Magdalene

June 20 - Ellen Awe on Caryll Houselander

July 18 - Maureen Morrison on Sigrid Undset

Aug 15 - Meredith Burnett on Mother Maria Skobtsova

Sep 19 - Stephanie Mann and Barb Orsi on The Doctors of the Church: Sts. Catherine of Siena & Teresa of Avila

Oct 24 - Nancy Trier-Metzger on Edith Stein

Nov 21 - Jamie Arnold-Korbel on St Hildegard of Bingen

Dec 21 - Sweets, Songs & Socializing


Click here for a timeline of heroes presented at Sisters of Sophia.

We will eventually create a gallery of heroines.

And audio archives of the presentations are available to Eighth Day members.

  • Sisters of Sophia presenting Frances Ridley Havergal

    at The Ladder
    Anno Domini 2018, February 20
    Tuesday at 06:15 PM

    Francis_Ridley_Havergal_Square_1.jpegDear Sisters,

    If you aren't familiar with the Sisters of Sophia, we walk with women of wisdom as we learn from their lives. We meet every third Tuesday of the month. Our gathering of ladies is both challenging and refreshing, as is the camaraderie along the way!

    6:15 Doors Open

    6:30 Snacks and Fellowship

    7:30 Eighth Day Convocation and Lecture on the Frances Ridley Havergal by Barb Orsi.

    8:15 Q&A and Closing Prayer

    Please join us for fellowship and learning! We will end promptly at 8:30, but women are welcome to chat long after that!

    Snacks are gratis, provided by volunteer attendees. Water and iced tea will be available. Adult beverages are available on a donation basis.

    Please feel free to invite friends through FB!
    Childcare not available.