St Gregory Palamas: The Triads

Feast of St Eusebius Bishop of Samosata
St. Gregory Palamas: The Triads translated by Nicholas Gendle; introduction by John Meyendorff; preface by Jaraslov Pelikan

Palamas_Triads_Square.jpgTHE SUB-HEADINGS of the selections from The Triads presented here – apophatic theology as a positive experience; the Hesychast method of prayer and the transformation of the body; deification in Christ; the uncreated Glory; the essence and energies of God – describe not only the work itself, but also the very contours of Orthodox theology. Palamas’ importance is immeasurable in the East, and his rediscovery by the Christian West (due in large part to Meyendorff) bodes well for a re-convergence of vision missing from relations between the two for millennium.

172 pp. paper $21.95

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