Upcoming Events:

  • Pipes and Pints in lieu of Hall of Men

    at the Ladder
    Anno Domini 2017, July 13
    Thursday at 08:00 PM through July 14, 2017


    In lieu of our regular first Hall of Men gathering in July, we're bringing bringing Pipes and Pints back once again to The Ladder on the Thursday evening of July 13. Nick Pohlenz will be moderating the conversation.

    Pipes and Pints, Brandon Buerge's spin off of our Hall of Men, meets monthly at Brandon's casa in Newton, Ks. You can sign up for their emails by contacting Brandon.

    We'll open the doors at The Ladder at 7 pm, start the Eighth Day Convocation at 8:00 and then begin the conversation at 8:15 pm.

    Pipes and Pints format: Anyone who so desires gets thirty seconds to pitch a topic for discussion. Proposed topics are ranked by secret ballot (tallied in real time), and taken in sequence, third-ranked through first-ranked, about 45 min each, until the clean-up round at 10:00pm.

    As usual, expect great conversation and fellowship. And, if you study Brandon's primer on how to blow smoke rings, we might even have a few good smoke rings.

    We hope you can join us for a great evening of pipes and pints.

    -The Hall of Men


  • Sisters of Sophia presenting Sigrid Undset

    at The Ladder
    Anno Domini 2017, July 18
    Tuesday at 06:15 PM

    Undset_Square_1.jpegDear Sisters,

    If you aren't familiar with the Sisters of Sophia, we walk with women of wisdom as we learn from their lives. We meet every third Tuesday of the month. Our gathering of ladies is both challenging and refreshing, as is the camaraderie along the way!

    6:15 Doors Open

    6:30 Snacks and Fellowship

    7:30 Eighth Day Convocation and Lecture on Sigrid Undset by Dr. Maureen Morrison.

    8:15 Q&A and Closing Prayer

    Please join us for fellowship and learning! We will end promptly at 8:30, but women are welcome to chat long after that!

    Snacks are gratis, provided by volunteer attendees. Water and iced tea will be available. Adult beverages are available on a donation basis.

    Please feel free to invite friends through FB!
    Childcare not available.


  • Hall of Men presenting Lesslie Newbigin

    at the Ladder
    Anno Domini 2017, July 27
    Thursday at 07:00 PM


    Our friend Ben Davis will present Lesslie Newbigin at the Hall of Men on July 27, 2017.

    As usual, doors will open at The Ladder at 7 pm and food will be served around 7:30 pm. At 8:30 pm we'll prepare for the lecture with the Eighth Day Convocation: hymn, patristic and scripture readings, the Nicene Creed, and the Lord's Prayer. Then a great lecture followed by good questions and discussion, good fellowship, and just possibly a few good smoke rings.

    We hope to see you at The Hall!

    -The Hall of Men

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  • 3rd Annual Inklings Octoberfest

    at TBA in Wichita, KS
    Anno Domini 2017, October 20
    Friday at 07:00 PM through October 22, 2017

    Our first two Inklings Festivals were a great success. But Kansas summers are scorchers and we all experienced that crazy heat both years (101 degrees in 2015, 106 degrees in 2017!).

    So this year we've decided to make it an Octoberfest. We've also scheduled it in conjunction with the annual anniversary party for Eighth Day Books, which falls on the third weekend of October. It will be their 29th year anniversary!

    Planning is in the works, including a confirmation from Joseph Pearce as our keynote speaker. More details will follow soon.

    In the meantime, mark your calendar for the weekend of Oct 20-22.