Upcoming Events:

  • Hall of Men presenting St Michael the Archangel

    at the Ladder
    Anno Domini 2017, September 28
    Thursday at 07:00 PM · 1 rsvp


    At the next Hall of Men, this Thursday evening (September 28), Fr Geoff Boyle will be presenting St Michael the Archangel. If you're not familiar with the western Feast of Michaelmus, which falls on September 29, it is the Feast of the Archangels which celebrates Saints Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

    As usual, doors will open at The Ladder at 7 pm and food will be served around 7:30 pm. At 8:30 pm we'll prepare for the lecture with the Eighth Day Convocation: hymn, patristic and scripture readings, the Nicene Creed, and the Lord's Prayer. Then a great lecture followed by good questions and discussion, good fellowship, and just possibly a few good smoke rings.

    We hope you can join us at The Hall to learn more about St Michael the Archangel!

    -The Hall of Men

     P.S. Information and early rate registration for our third annual Inklings Octoberfest is available at THIS LINK.

  • 3rd Annual Inklings Octoberfest

    at The Douglas Design District in Wichita, KS
    Anno Domini 2017, October 20
    Friday at 07:00 PM through October 22, 2017

    Our first two Inklings Festivals were a great success. But Kansas summers are scorchers and we all experienced that crazy heat both years (101 degrees in 2015, 106 degrees in 2016!).

    So this year we've decided to make it an Octoberfest. And as a bonus, we've scheduled it in conjunction with the annual anniversary party for Eighth Day Books, which falls on the third weekend of October. So we'll be celebrating the Inklings and the 29th anniversary of Eighth Day Books!

    Similar to the first two years, the emphasis is threefold: Inklings, Craftsmanship & Local.

    Details are still finalizing, but SEE BELOW for MORE INFO and EARLY REGISTRATION. 



    World on Fire: How the Inklings Responded with Hope & Creativity

    Plenary Lectures by Joseph Pearce

    7:00 pm    Lecture One at Journey the Way Church: "Tolkien & Lewis among the War Poets"

    Tolkien & Lewis both fought in World War One, experiencing what Tolkien called the "animal horror" of trench warfare. The first lecture will place the two writers in the wider context of other writers who fought in the war, comparing their response to the war with that of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen in particular.

    8:30 pm    Anniversary reception at Eighth Day Books


    8:00 am    Doors open at Journey the Way Church for arrival and registration

    9:00 am    Convocation and Introduction

    9:30 am    Lecture Two - Beyond the Waste Land: Hope and War in the Work of Lewis

    In the wake of World War One a spirit of cynicism prevailed in what became known as the Waste Land Generation. Lewis responded with a hope that transcended the despair of nihilism. The second lecture will focus on the transcendent hope in Lewis' work.

    10:30 am  Break

    11:00 am  Lecture Three - War & Mordor: Hope and War in the Work of Tolkien

    Following on from lecture two, the third lecture will examine Tolkien's response to the experience of war, his horror at the advent of weapons of mass destruction, and his defence of the idea of a just war to defend civilization from the forces of evil.

    12:00 pm  Lunch with local food trucks and at local neighborhood restaurants


    Local Bands

    Local Crafts & Culture Seminars

    Local Food 

    Local Brewers

    Plus more TBA!

    Unable to attend the festival, but still interested in participating? Become an Eighth Day Institute Member, and gain access to exclusive digital content from the Inklings OctoberFest that will only be available on our website.

    Become an Eighth Day Patron ($40/month or $500/year) and receive an all-access pass to the Inklings Octoberfest & Lecture Series PLUS the coming Eighth Day Symposium ("Strangers and Society: Cultivating Friendship in a Fractured Age") PLUS many other perks, including a 10% discount at Eighth Day Books.



  • Eighth Day Symposium 2018

    at Eighth Day Books and St George Orthodox Christian Cathedral
    Anno Domini 2018, January 25
    Thursday at 07:00 PM through January 28, 2018

    STRANGERS & SOCIETY: Cultivating Friendship in a Fractured Age

    We are finalizing our speakers and working on details for our eighth annual Eighth Day Symposium.

    We do have our Orthodox speaker confirmed, Dr. Peter Kanelos. Dr. Kanelos just took the helm as President of St John's College. You can learn more about him and his new role HERE.

    We hope you'll mark your calendars now so you can join us in Wichita, KS for a wonderful dialogue of love and truth on January 25-27, 2018.

    More details and registration coming soon.

    Friendship is that virtue by which spirits are bound by ties of love and sweetness, and out of many are made one. Even the philosophers of this world have ranked friendship not with things causal or transitory but with the virtues which are eternal. Solomon in the Book of Proverbs appears to agree with them when he says, "He that is a friend loves at all times," manifestly declaring that friendship is eternal if it is true friendship.  ~St. Aelred of Rievaulx


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