The Idea of a University

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The Idea of a University by John Henry Newman; edited by Frank M. Turner; contributors: Martha McMackin Garland, Sara Castro-Klarén, George P. Landow, George M. Marsden, Frank M. Turner

Idea_of_University_Square.jpegAS PART of a series from Yale University Press called “Rethinking the Western Tradition,” this is an excellent edition of Newman’s most influential work, first published in 1852. Helpful aids, such as an analytical table of contents sketching Newman’s arguments in each discourse, a glossary of names and a thorough and helpful bibliography, do make this edition a worthy candidate as a textbook. The essays at the end of Newman’s work are each vivid and thought-provoking examinations of Newman’s Idea in his day and our own. They provide both context and dialogue as the authors compare and contrast Newman’s Idea to contemporary realities of higher education, to multicultural studies, and to the impact of electronic technology on the University.

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