The Weight of Glory

Feast of the Seven Holy Martyred Youths of Ephesus and St Cecelia the Martyr
The Weight of Glory by C. S. Lewis with introduction by Walter Hooper

Weight_of_Glory_Square.jpegCOLLECTED FROM various addresses and sermons Lewis gave during the years of World War II and later in his life, this book contains many of Lewis’s most famous essays. In pride of place is the essay from which the book draws its name, a sermon that, according to Walter Hooper, the book’s editor, “is so magnificent that . . . I dare to consider it worthy a place with some of the Church Fathers.” Even essays that might at first glance seem to be merely of historical interest turn out to be meditations on perennially relevant themes to both Christians and all people: social dynamics, war and pacifism, the body of Christ, forgiveness. Lewis’s essays are always somehow fresh. What’s more, here Lewis holds forth on many topics recapitulated in his other, more formally imaginative writings. For Lewis had what his friend Owen Barfield called “presence of mind”: “what he thought about everything was secretly present in what he said about anything.”

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