Toward a Eucharistic Vision of Church, Family, Marriage and Sex

Feast of the Righteous Fathers Sergius & Herman, Founders of Valaam Monastery
Toward a Eucharistic Vision of Church, Family, Marriage and Sex by Philip LeMasters

Christ_Serving_Square.jpgTHE AUTHOR describes this work as “an ‘apologetic’ essay that aims to ground sex and marriage in the Church’s understanding of the Eucharist.'” Sex and Eucharist in one essay?! Certainly, no other topics could seem more divergent, even opposed, yet LeMasters claims to see sex—and all aspects of human relationships—as essentially revealed and fulfilled in the Church gathered around Christ’s table. “What has sometimes been neglected in discussions of the Eucharist,” he says, “is its moral import for the daily lives of believers. Theologians have been long on the sacrament’s doctrine and liturgy, but what does the celebration of the Eucharist say about and require of those who take it?” Writing as an Orthodox Christian with frequent reference to Protestant and Catholic scholarship, LeMasters states beautifully and convincingly the centrality of the “Mystical Supper” in the whole life of Christian community. And he does not avoid exploring the relationship of the Eucharist to contraception, same-sex unions and other controversial issues within culture. The title is as intriguing as its contents are timely.

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