Western Monasticism

Feast of St Lucian the Martyr of Antioch
Western Monasticism: A History of the Monastic Movement in the Latin Church by Peter King

King__Western_Monasticism_Square.jpegPETER KING, emeritus lecturer in medieval history at St. Andrew’s University, takes an incredibly complex and diverse body of material and places it into brisk narrative. Passing immediately from the origins in Egypt, King traces the beginnings of Western monasticism with St. Benedict, then its simultaneously flourishing and splintering in the late Middle Ages, diminishment during the Reformation and Enlightenment, and resurgence during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. An interesting later chapter surveys the fortunes and forms of monasticism in the Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Free Church traditions, and a short but informative section on Taize. The best single-volume treatment of the topic we know.

482 pp. paper $49.95

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