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    Dreher_Square.jpegEighth Day Books and Eighth Day Institute are two of the happiest places on the planet. If you are feeling down and out and hopeless about our culture, go to Wichita, KS and see what this community on the prairie has accomplished. You might be inspired to go home and try it yourself.   ~Rod Dreher, Editor at The American Conservative


    50% off all EDI Events  
    Inklings Octoberfest, Symposium, Florovsky Week, and more

    10% discount at Eighth Day Books

    Invitation to Private Event with Main Event Speakers

    Access to The Ladder
    Includes Library, Study Space, and Meeting Room
    *This is primarily for local folks, but is available for non-locals when you visit Wichita

    Subscription to Synaxis & Eighth Day Books Catalog
    Book reviews, news, and essays

    Subscription to A Word from the Fathers
    Annual publication of short texts from the early Church Fathers

    Access to Premium Digital Content
    Lectures from Symposia, Inklings Lectures, Hall of Men, etc.

    Invitation to Private Eighth Day Member Facebook Group

    Like a metaphysical wardrobe in the heart of “flyover” country, the Eighth Day Institute is a portal to another world—a place where remembrance is at the heart of cultural renewal. Their symposiums have become the stuff of legend. My experience at EDI gave me hope for the future of faith.  ~James K. A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College

    The splendid community formed at Eighth Day Institute constitutes a vital alternative to the stale denominationalism that characterizes much of contemporary church life, as well as the flaccid secularism of the culture at large. All of which is but to say that the work of Eighth Day Institute is indispensable.  ~Ralph Wood, Professor of Theology & Literature at Baylor University