A Letter from the Board: Summer Campaign Launch

Feast of St Pappias the Martyr


The past few years have been a period of tumultuous growth and development for Eighth Day Institute. As the Board of Directors gathered at the close of 2017 to plot our course for the coming year, it was obvious that our critical focus for 2018 needed to be organizational stability. Toward that end, we set ourselves four key goals:

  1. Implementation of a responsible, sustainable budget.
  2. Consolidate our fundraising efforts into two annual campaigns: summer and winter.
  3. Transition into a working Board of Directors with functional committees and committee chairs.
  4. Enhance EDI’s value to its members and round out our annual offerings with an academically focused summer event.

These four goals have been and are being met:

  1. In January, the board approved a budget with operating expenses set at $180,590 and income projected at $185,200.
  2. Assuming a successful summer campaign, which requires folks like you to do your part in sustaining the Eighth Day mission, we are on course to meet budget.
  3. We now have the following operational committees: Facility Committee, Board of Directors Search & Nominating Committee, Florovsky Week Committee, and a Catalogue Committee – yep, you heard it; we’re partnering with Eighth Day Books to bring back the Eighth Day Catalog!
  4. As you have hopefully heard by now, the Florovsky Week is scheduled for July 10-14. It’s an ambitious project, but gets to the heart of one of Eighth Day Institute’s key passions: facilitating dialogues of love and truth to fulfill Christ’s prayer for unity so that the world might believe.

Now, here’s how you can help:

  1. If you aren’t already, please consider becoming a monthly member (if you can't attend Florovsky Week, just click "Donate"). Having a predictable, sustainable cash flow throughout the year is absolutely vital for smooth operations, and nothing provides that stability better than monthly memberships. If you are already a member and your membership expires in the next couple of months, please take a moment to renew.
  2. If you are already a monthly member, please consider an extra gift of $500, $250, or $100 (just click "Donate" if you can't attend Florovsky Week); or consider increasing your monthly donation.
  3. Pray for the sustainability and growth of the Institute’s resources. We are continually striving to improve the value of our offerings and hope to hire more help with administration and event coordination in the next year.
  4. If you are interested in supporting us through your time, we would love for you to join the committee for one of the events you appreciate and want to see grow.
  5. Register for the Florovsky Week events!

The task of bringing Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants together in an age that repudiates absolute truth and feeds on the frenzy of vitriolic newspeak is no small objective. Eighth Day Institute has been doing it for over a decade now. You know that our culture needs renewed now more than ever. And it’s your support through prayers, service, and generous donations that will sustain Eighth Day Institute’s efforts to revive a Christian culture based on historic Nicene Christianity.

With gratitude for your faithful support,

The EDI Board of Directors

Tom Rhein, President
Fr. Geoff Boyle, Vice President
Jeremy Koci, Treasurer
Nick Pohlenz, Secretary
Daniel Brake, Director
Fr. Joshua Burnett
Nathan Farha, Director
Timothy Farha, Director
Warren Farha, Director
Alex Kice, Director
Deacon David Sebits, Director



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