A New Reading-&-Writing Group

Feast of St Autonomos the Martyr

THE INAUGURAL meeting of Eighth Day’s (yet to be named) reading-&-writing group began with delicious takeout from College Hill Deli, followed by introductions. So far, three teachers, one doctor, and a few who haven’t yet decided what they want to be when they grow up make up our ranks.

Sadly, most of us had not done our homework, which was to read T. S. Eilot’s essay “The Idea of a Christian Society.” Each slacker promptly repented and promised to have it read by our next meeting.

Conversation turned to Shailesh’s work-in-progress, a paper digging into the elusive definition of culture. Many big words were used, some of which were understood, all of which were harbingers of good conversations yet to come.

The evening ended with promises to write our aspirations for how we see the group developing, including suggestions for a name. Francis’ Flock of Fledgling Fireballs, after St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers, was brought forth as a possibility, but so far, no thumbs up from Director Doom. 

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