Festal Epistle for the Year of Our Lord 329: Of Fasting & Trumpets & Feasts

Feast of St Cuthbert the Wonderworker, Bishop of Lindisfarne

COME, my beloved, the season calls us to keep the feast. Again, “the Sun of Righteousness” (Mal. 4.2), causing His divine beams to rise upon us, proclaims beforehand the time of the feast, in which, obeying Him, we ought to celebrate it, lest when the time has passed by, gladness likewise may pass us by. For discerning the time is one... Continue Reading

St Patrick: Do You Walk in the Strength of God Trusting His Direction and Providence?

Feast of St Benedict of Nursia

ONE NIGHT I heard in my sleep a voice saying to me: “It is well that you fast, soon you will go to your own country [back to Britain from Ireland].” And again, after a short while, I heard a voice saying to me: “See, your ship is ready.” And it was not near, but at a distance of perhaps two hundred miles,... Continue Reading

Patrick Doom: A True Hero Worthy of Imitation

Feast of Sts Symeon the New Theologian and Theophanes the Confessor

MY GRANDFATHER recently died on Feb. 6 in this year of our Lord. He was born on St. Patrick's Day in 1925 and thus named after St. Patrick. This weekend, our eleventh annual Feast of St. Patrick will be dedicated to his memory. In the meantime, here is the eulogy I offered at his memorial service. May the... Continue Reading

Audite Omnes: On the Holy Merits of Patrick the Bishop in The Works of St. Patrick

Feast of the Holy Martyred Bishops of Cherson: Basileus, Ephraim, Eugene, Capito, Aetherius, Agathodorus, and Elpidius

AUDITE OMNES [Hear ye all], lovers of God, the holy merits / Of the man blessed in Christ, Patrick the bishop, / How for his good ways he is likened to the angels, / And because of his perfect life is deemed equal to the apostles.” So begins St. Secundinus’ fifth-century abecedarian hymn... Continue Reading

St Patrick: Are You Silent About the Great Benefits & Grace Bestowed by the Lord?

Feast of St Gerasimus the Righteous of Jordan

I AM PATRICK, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many. My father was Calpornius, a deacon, son of Potitus, a priest, of the village Bannavem Taburniae; he had a country seat nearby, and there I was taken captive.

I was then about sixteen years of age. I did not know the true God. I... Continue Reading

St John of Kronstadt: How Do the Saints See Our Needs and Hear Our Prayers?

Feast of St Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople

HOW IS it that the saints see us and our needs and hear our prayers? Let us make the following comparison: Suppose that you were transplanted to the sun and were united to it. The sun lights the whole earth with its rays, it lights every particle of the earth. In these rays you also see the earth, but you are so... Continue Reading

St Gregory of Nyssa: Have You Heard the Mysteries of the Song of Songs

Feast of St Trypho the Martyr

YOU WHO in accordance with the counsel of Paul have “taken off” the old humanity with its deeds and lusts like a filthy garment (Col. 3:9) and have clothed yourselves by purity of life in the lightsome raiment of the Lord, raiment such as He revealed in His transfiguration on the mountain (cf. Mk. 9:2-3), or, rather, you who have “put on” our... Continue Reading

A Symposium Unlike Any Other

Feast of St. Trypho the Martyr

THE NINTH annual Eighth Day Symposium was unique to the previous eight years in a number of ways.

First, the event venue changed. The Symposium grew out of a conference organized back in the 1990s and 2000s by Fr. Paul O’Callaghan, my parish priest at St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral. So naturally, the Symposium has always been at St. George. Due to remodeling... Continue Reading

VIP Dinner with Symposium Speakers: Let the Bidding Begin!

Feast of St Timothy, the Apostle of the 70

Would you like to join Adam Cooper, Hans Boersma, David Ford, and Ephraim Radner for a private dinner?

We've got a very special location reserved for this special dinner. In a very cozy atmosphere, you'll be able to see the entire city of Wichita. 

Support Eighth Day Institute with your bid to win an... Continue Reading

Notes Towards the Definition of Patriarchy

Feast of St Timothy, the Apostle of the 70

HOW MIGHT Christians think about the difficult and divisive topic of patriarchy

In current political and cultural discussions, patriarchy is purely negative. The word is used (without precision) as a category for defining and dismissing any form of social organization in which men are systematically given positions of authority. To label a society or organization ‘patriarchal’ is, in current terms, to condemn and... Continue Reading