Synaxis 5.1 Contents

Feast of St Elizabeth the Wonderworker

IT'S OFFICIAL. After a week of binge editing and very little sleep, Synaxis 5.1 landed at the printer in the wee hours this morning. I think it's our best publication to date.

If you live in or near Wichita and are an Eighth Day Patron or above, drop by The Ladder for our Benedict Hour this final Friday (April 27) between 4:30 and... Continue Reading

Discerning the Mystery

Feast of Hieromartyr Januarius
Discerning the Mystery: An Essay on the Nature of Theology

PUBLISHED over twenty-five years ago, this book is still the finest critique of the Enlightenment’s ways of knowing, coupled with a winsome description of a distinctly Christian alternative. Responding to what he sees as a “division and fragmentation” both in theology and the larger culture due to “the one-sided way we have come to seek... Continue Reading

On A Secular Age

Feast of the Apostle Zachaias

IF YOU ARE interested in learning more about ASA, before tackling its 874 pages, you should read James K. A. Smith's How (Not) To Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor. It's a masterfully condensed summary of the entire book. Or you can wait for the edited version of my dissertation chapter(s), which I will share as soon as I finish editing it sometime in the... Continue Reading

The Lost Scriptural Mind: "As the Truth is in Jesus" (Eph. 4.21)

Feast of the Martyr Paphnutius

CHRISTIAN ministers are not supposed to preach their private opinions, at least from the pulpit. Ministers are commissioned and ordained in the church precisely to preach the Word of God. They are given some fixed terms of reference—namely, the gospel of Jesus Christ—and they are committed to this sole and perennial message. They are expected to propagate and to sustain “the faith which was... Continue Reading

St Hilary of Poitiers: Will You Endure Sound Doctrine?

Feast of the Martyr Paphnutius

THE APOSTLE Paul was cognizant of the sinful tendencies of the will, and besides his numerous admonitions to defend the faith and to preach the word, he said in his Epistle to Timothy: “There will come a time when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but having itching ears, will heap up to themselves teachers according to their lusts, and they will turn... Continue Reading

Benedict Hour & Synaxis Release Party

Bright Thursday & Feast of St Basil the Confessor

MANY MOONS ago, we opened up The Ladder on Friday evenings for a sort of happy hour. We called it the Benedict Hour.

We experimented with its revival back in the fall of 2017, exclusively for Eighth Day Members and their guests. We've now settled on a regular schedule.

The Ladder will be open for Eighth Day Members and their... Continue Reading

Egeria's Travels

Bright Wednesday and Feast of Pharmuthios the Anchorite
Egeria’s Travels (Third Edition) translated with notes by John Wilkinson

SOMEWHERE around the year 400, a devout Spanish nun traveled on a Lenten pilgrimage to the Holy Land, keeping a diary of her journey. That diary has become a priceless witness to us of the fourth century Church’s liturgical practices during Lent and Holy Week. The churches Constantine had built... Continue Reading

The Gospel of Resurrection

Holy Friday and Feast of the 120 Martyrs of Persia

DEATH IS a catastrophe for man; this is the basic principle of the whole of Christian anthropology. Man is an amphibious being, both spiritual and corporeal, and so he was created by God. Body belongs organically to the unity of human existence. And this was perhaps the most striking novelty in the original Christian message. The preaching... Continue Reading

Florovsky Week: A Call for Papers

Holy Monday & Feast of Titus the Wonderworker

THE INAUGURAL Florovsky Week is officially on the books with speakers and venues confirmed. The theme is "The Reformation: An Ecumenical Retrospective" and the aim is to return to the sources for christian unity.

The week will kick off with a Tuesday evening banquet honoring Fr. Georges Florovsky & Cardinal John Henry Newman (July 10).

Academic papers and workshops (iconography and... Continue Reading

On Charles Taylor

Lazarus Saturday (East); Holy Saturday (West)

I THINK Charles Taylor is an one of the most important living philosophers today. And I think his magnum opus, A Secular Age (henceforth referenced as ASA), is even more important. Lately I've been working through my dissertation, cleaning it up with final edits and trimming it down by at least 10,000 words (limit is 100,000, I had 105,000, and I need space... Continue Reading