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Great Conversationalists,

We are one week away from this year's kick-off gathering: Tuesday, October 27, 7 pm at The Ladder (behind Hannah Banana and West of Eighth Day Books at 2836 E. Douglas).

The topic: "In the current American milieu, and in the light of 1 Timothy 4:8, the psycho-social, spiritual, and economic costs or negatives from the emphasis on youth sports outweigh the benefits or positives." More simply, is our culture's emphasis on sports helping or hurting families, schools, and churches?

This link contains all of the email/blog conversation to-date. Enjoy reading it as you prepare your own thoughts to share.

Here is our format for that evening:

We will begin with 30-45 second offerings from anyone in attendance, briefly relating a personal experience, either beneficial or harmful to this life's journey, related to the culture of sports.

Next, we will respond more philosophically/theologically to the deeper questions that have already surfaced or will surface regarding the current milieu.  Bob Love, Russell Fox, Malcolm Harris, Tom Penning, Harley Alderson, and Tyler McKellips have submitted brief abstracts (included in the attachment to this email) -- and, therefore, will be given some preference in offering their views.

We want to diagnose the current milieu, but also address the question, how can we renew the sports culture, ameliorate wrongs, have a better understanding of sport's proper role.

I will serve as moderator/traffic cop.  We want to strive for clarity and brevity, thereby ensuring that as many in attendance who want to speak have that opportunity.

See you soon.  Know your liberty to invite friends and associates.

Fyi: The Ladder does have adult beverages available for a donation. Three - five dollars a can/bottle is about right.

Rescuing discourse from the political parties,
Mike Witherspoon

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