Catechetical Academy

The initial impulse for Eighth Day Institute, long before its initial incorporation in 2008, was to establish a “Gap-Year Progam” for high-school graduates. Although our body of developing work has thus far focused solely on adult education, we still fully intend to fulfill this initial vision.

The name of our proposed program derives from two ancient institutions: “The Academy” (founded in Athens by Plato, ca. 387 B.C.) and “The Catechetical School” (founded in Alexandria by St. Mark the Apostle and later directed by St. Clement of Alexandria).

The course of study is influenced by Cassiodorus’ Institutions of Divine and Secular Learning, a medieval plan of studies for his monastery at Vivarium that offered a reading guide to the Bible, the Fathers, and the Classics.

In conjunction with a rhythm of prayers throughout the day, our curriculum is both academic and catechetical. The academic component is divided into three categories of courses: 1) The Bible; 2) The Fathers; and 3) The Classics. The catechetical component will employ the liturgical year – or Christ, as the medieval saying puts it in the Latin phrase “Annus est Christus” (“the Liturgical Year is Christ”) – as both a cycle of fasting and feasting and as a source of instruction.

The curriculum is crafted to prepare students for life and to build up their faith. The goal is to lead students to a life immersed in the wonders and mysteries of the Holy Trinity, in short, to a life of prayer. Like all of our endeavors, our ultimate goal is the revival of an authentic Christian culture.

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  • David Armstrong
    commented 2015-11-15 14:44:38 -0600
    What still needs to be done to make this a reality?