Catechetical Academy and Classical Education

Elijah_to_Elisha_Square.jpegFROM OUR website: "The initial impulse for Eighth Day Institute, long before its initial incorporation in 2008, was to establish a 'Gap-Year Program' for high-school graduates. Although our body of developing work has thus far focused solely on adult education, we still fully intend to fulfill this initial vision."

Indeed, we do still intend to fulfill this initial vision.

Long ago, back when we existed as St. John of Damascus Institute and did not yet even have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, the board of directors admonished me to pursue a PhD for the long-term objective of creating the Catechetical Academy. Although not yet officially graduated, my dissertation is completely written, which means it is now time to move forward with our original objective.

We are already moving forward. And the vision has expanded beyond a gap-year program to incorporate the same originally envisioned curriculum (click here) into some sort of 6th-12th grade program, followed by the gap-year.

We do not yet know precisely what this vision, which was initially born twenty years ago while I was serving as a young missionary in Columbia, will look like when it becomes a reality. But we do know that it is time for it to take flesh.

2017 thus promises to be our most exciting year yet.

In the meantime, please note that our Lutheran brethren in Wichita are hosting a symposium on Classical Education on Dec. 17, 2016. Click here for more information.

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