Digital Content of Soil & Sacrament Symposium for Members

Feast of St Xenophon and His Companions

Doom_Boston_Hat_2.jpgAS YOU MAY already know, we have been archiving digital content of our work for over seven years now. This includes material from the Hall of Men, Table Talks, Lecture-&-Film series, Feasts, Symposia, Inklings Festival, and now the Sisters of Sophia.

And hopefully you already know that we have already begun posting this material for Eighth Day Members (2015 Symposium & 2015 Inklings Festival).

Lectures from our most recent symposium on "Soil & Sacrament" will begin to appear this week. The 2015 Christmas Feast and Hall of Men and Sisters of Sophia lectures will begin to appear later this spring.

So, if you are an Eighth Day Member, get ready to access this year's symposium and even more great content!

If you are not an Eighth Day Member, please consider signing up today.

As Tom Rhein, President of EDI's Board of Directors, put it at the symposium banquet, "Eighth Day Institute is healthy but fragile." For a stable (and not fragile) year with a fully employed Director (yes, that would be me; and this translates to a consistent, reliable income for my family), we need to increase our monthly membership revenue by about $2,000 / month. Will you help stabilize and de-fragilize us?

Thank you so much!

And may our efforts toward the renewal of our culture bear fruit in your lives and your families and your communities and your churches!

In Christ,

Director Doom

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