Video Introductions to the Work of Eighth Day Institute 

Over the last eight years, we have been gathering a wealth of digital media. We are now in the process of making it available to valued supporters like you. This is a time-consuming process, but we are dedicated to providing you access to our work. We want you to be continuously edified and challenged so that, together, we may renew culture through faith and learning. It's a part of our mission.

This material consists primarily of digital video and audio from our annual Symposia, annual Inklings OctoberFest, our bi-monthly Hall of Men presentations, monthly Sisters of Sophia lectures, and other EDI events such as Feasts and Table Membership_Logo_v._2.jpgTalks. You can see a sample on our "Digital Lectern."

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Hall of Men Digital Content

Sisters of Sophia Digital Content

2017 Symposium Digital Content

2016 Inklings Festival Digital Content

2016 Great Conversations: Genesis 1-2

2016 Symposium Digital Content

2015 Inklings Festival Digital Content

2015 Symposium Digital Content

2014 Symposium Festal Banquet Digital Content

More content to come...

2012-2014 Eighth Day Symposia (content to come)

Feasts (content to come)