Director Doom's Dissertation: A Long Obedience

Feast of Sts. Paramonus, Philumenus, and their 370 Companion Martyrs in Bithynia


The dissertation, which has hung like a lead weight on me, my family, and the Eighth Day community, is finally written.

Title: Neo-Patristic Synthesis for the Life of a Secular Age.

Word count: 104,000 words (too many).

From the preface, which was written in Oklahoma City at St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Church on the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple (Nov 21):

According to St. Maximos the Confessor there are three motives for writing which are above reproach and censure: to assist one’s memory, to help others, or as an act of obedience.   ~St Gregory of Sinai, Philokalia, Vol IV

It has been a long, long journey. It has been a long obedience in the same direction, as Eugene Peterson would put it. It has been a podvig, an ascetic exploit, as Fr. Georges Florovsky would express it. And it has been done in obedience to Eighth Day Institute’s Board of Directors.

I offer this as a small reminder that this long journey was not of my choosing. I have never aspired to teach as a University Professor. My sole aspiration has been the development of Eighth Day Institute. And I think we've made a really great start.

But there is much more work to do. Indeed, the driving impulse from day one has been the creation of a project I've been calling the Catechetical Academy. That remains the objective. And its time has come.

2017 promises to be a vitally important year for Eighth Day Institute.

I hope you'll join me on the journey.


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