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A Taste of Synaxis: Friendship, Inklings & Cultural Renewal

Feast of St Julian the Martyr

OUR LATEST issue of Synaxis is now being distributed to Eighth Day Patrons, Pillars & Olympians. If you do not receive your copy by May 31, please contact me.

If you are not an Eighth Day Patron or Pillar, please consider joining the community to support cultural renewal.

And in the meantime, enjoy a taste of the content with... Continue Reading

The Letters in Synaxis 5.1

writing-paper-letters-antique-quill_credit-Shutterstock.jpgSYNAXIS 5.1 on "Cultivating Friendship in a Fractured Age" is hot off the press.

If you live in Wichita, drop by the Ladder today between 4:30 and 7:00 pm to pick up your copy at our monthly Benedict Hour. 

For non-local members, you will receive your copy in the next two weeks.

If you are not a member and are interested in a copy, please consider joining our... Continue Reading

On A Secular Age

Feast of the Apostle Zachaias

IF YOU ARE interested in learning more about ASA, before tackling its 874 pages, you should read James K. A. Smith's How (Not) To Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor. It's a masterfully condensed summary of the entire book. Or you can wait for the edited version of my dissertation chapter(s), which I will share as soon as I finish editing it sometime in the... Continue Reading

On Charles Taylor

Lazarus Saturday (East); Holy Saturday (West)

I THINK Charles Taylor is an one of the most important living philosophers today. And I think his magnum opus, A Secular Age (henceforth referenced as ASA), is even more important. Lately I've been working through my dissertation, cleaning it up with final edits and trimming it down by at least 10,000 words (limit is 100,000, I had 105,000, and I need space... Continue Reading

On Feasts: How to Celebrate Festivals Festively

Feast of St Benedict of Nursia

OVER 100 years ago in 1906, Kurt Eisner, a communist intellectual, wrote a book titled Festivals of the Unfestive. In this work he pondered the possibility of the death of feasts: “Perhaps the time is approaching when festivals, as mass manifestations of an intensified sense of life, will be nothing more than curiosities to be studied from old pictures and artifacts preserved in... Continue Reading

Eighth Day Colloquium: Political Theology & Orthodoxy

Feast of the Martyr Hesychius

POLITICS. Church and state. Christendom. Political theology. Boy did we pick a big—but good—one to launch our inaugural Eighth Day Colloquium. Well, we didn’t actually pick it. You can give a big thanks to Ben Davis—he dropped this idea, and the arrangements, into our lap. And thanks to James K. A. Smith—he set the theme with the release of the third volume... Continue Reading

The Refuge of Small-Scale Book-Loving Community in a Post-Virtue Modernity

The Saturday of Souls 

after-virtue_square.jpegMANY THANKS to Shailesh Mark (a new friend gifted to me by the Eighth Day community) and our new weekly meetings, I’ve finally begun editing my dissertation for submission. This happens to coincide with the Cappadocian Society (an Eighth Day reading group for pastors and ministry leaders) finishing their second book: After Virtue by Alisdair MacIntyre. If you are familiar with MacIntyre, he is not... Continue Reading

The Eighth Is the Best...By the Grace of God

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

EDS_18_Josh___Tony_Square.jpegI'VE RECEIVED more positive feedback about the 8th annual Eighth Day Symposium than ever before. Many of the comments have been very similar to the following: “Congratulations! I’ve been to all seven of the previous Symposia and this year was the best yet. I don’t know how you all keep outdoing yourselves.” Somehow, by the grace of God, I think these attendees are right:... Continue Reading

Friendship in a Fractured Age: The 8th Annual Eighth Day Symposium

Forefeast of Theophany

Christ___John_Square.jpegFRIENDSHIP has long been a significant focus of philosophical reflection. It was a very popular topic among both the ancient Greeks and Romans and then also among early Christians. Aristotle and Cicero laid the groundwork for further development by early Christian leaders such as St. Gregory the Theologian and St. Augustine of Hippo. Friendship continued to be a focus of reflection throughout the Middle Ages, most... Continue Reading

2017 End-of-Year Appeal by Board President Tom Rhein

Feast of the Martyr Sebastian & His Companions

Please take a few moments to read our end-of-year annual appeal by Tom Rhein, President of the Eighth Day Institute Board of Directors:

Tom_Rhein_300x300.jpegDEAR FRIENDS

When I wrote my first appeal letter in the fall of 2014, I focused on the ways in which Eighth Day Institute had become a home for my ecumenical family, a source of hope for our culture,... Continue Reading