Eighth Day Books Celebrates 27 Years This Weekend

Feast of St Artemius the Great Martyr of Antioch

Eighth_Day_Books_Square.jpgEIGHTH DAY Books will celebrate its 27th birthday this weekend.

They'll be running a great sale all day Friday and Saturday. Every new book in stock is 20% off, and their outstanding collection of used and vintage books are marked down 35%.

Hours will be extended both Friday and Saturday. And Saturday evening, the Jack Korbel Confluence will provide live acoustic music, featuring singer/songwriter Jack Korbel, Joshua Sturgill, and Derek Hale. If you've been to our Feast of St Patrick, you know what a delight they are.

This annual celebration is one of the highlights of the year. I know of some brave faithful who drive from as far as Colorado and New Mexico. If you live here in Wichita, you have no excuse. Don't miss it!

Come early and stay late. Invite a friend. And buy a load of books to support the best independent bookstore in the cosmos!

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