Eighth Day Institute as a Metaphysical Wardrobe

Feast of Sts Patrobos, Gaios, Hermas, Linos & Philologos, Apostles of the 70

Ladder_Entrance.jpgAFTER READING the first two books of James K. A. Smith's "Cultural Liturgies" trilogy (the third book is forthcoming), I was so impressed that I invited him to join us as a plenary speaker for our fifth annual Eighth Day Symposium back in January. That "Cultural Liturgies" project is now the focus of one of my dissertation chapters. Smith has also written a wonderful book on Charles Taylor's huge, and hugely important, book A Secular Age. Taylor is the subject of another dissertation chapter. So Smith's work has been important for me personally.

Smith is also the editor of Comment Magazine. Comment, according to its website, "is one of the core publications of Cardus, a think tank devoted to renewing North American social architecture, rooted in 2000 years of Christian social thought." So Comment and Cardus are doing work similar to EDI. I consider them our friends.

Smith recently asked me to give a written tour of EDI through a series of interview questions. That "verbal tour" was published on Comment's website today. I love the way they introduced the piece:

When Comment editor Jamie Smith visited the Eighth Day Institute last year, he was astonished by a hidden gem tucked away in Wichita. Like a metaphysical wardrobe in the heart of “flyover” country, the Eighth Day Institute is a portal to another world—a place where remembrance is at the heart of cultural renewal. His experience at EDI gave him hope for the future of faith. So we asked Erin Doom, executive director, to give us a tour.

You can read the tour here. And while you're there, explore Comment's new website. Heck, you really ought to subscribe. I do - it's a great journal.

One more fun fact. I recently saw that Comment was looking for a copy editor. My friend Jeff Reimer is a free lance copy editor. He copy edits our EDI publications and is a regular contributor to our blog. So I told him about the job opening. He applied and landed the job. He also ended up copy editing this piece. It truly is a small world!

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