We are renewing culture!

"How?" you might ask. By promoting historic, Nicene Christianity through teaching, dialogues, feasts, and publishing. 

Ralph_Wood_Square.jpg“"The work of Eighth Day Institute is uncompromisingly ecumenical. Roman Catholics and Protestants join Orthodox to discover aand explore the deep things they hold common as Christians. This splendid community constitutes a vital alternative to the stale denominationalism that characterizes much of contemporary church life, as well as the flaccid secularism of the culture at large. The work of Eighth Day Institute is indispensable.” ~Ralph Wood, Professor of Literature and Theology at Baylor University 

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Jeri_Holladay_Square_1.jpeg"Thinking about events at places like Evergreen College, Berkeley, and many others, it is obvious that one of the greatest losses in our culture today is the loss of civility, the descent into violence rather than respectful and truth-seeking speech, the characterization of all who disagree with a particular mindset as evil and in need of "re-education" (in some cases said quite openly). The simple fact that so many people of different backgrounds can come together and talk to each other with love and respect is, at this point, an extremely counter cultural act - and a step in the direction of cultural renewal. Thanks for making this possible. The need for Eighth Day Institute is greater now than when you began - it had to have been the Holy Spirit urging you on." ~An Eighth Day Patron