Eighth Day Symposium

Typographer_Drop_Cap_I.jpgn 2011, we organized our first one-day conference: “Imagination & Soul: Harry Potter & Twilight.” The following year we doubled our attendance with “What’s Wrong with the World: An Inkling of a Response.” Based on the success of those first two years, we expanded the symposium in 2013 to two full days to investigate the great cardio-anthropologist: “Dostoevsky: The Divine & the Demonic.” We also added a banquet to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Gregory the Theologian and an iconography workshop to follow the conference. In 2014 we explored a theme central to our mission: “Constantine, Christendom & Cultural Renewal.” In 2015 we turned to another vital aspect of our work: “Whatever Happened to Wonder? The Recovery of Mystery in a  Secular Age.” And this past year, for our sixth symposium, we explored "Soil & Sacrament: The World as Gift."

We have also begun publishing our symposium lectures. Become an Eighth Day Member for access to the digital archives (the 2015 and 2016 symposia are available, with more from previous years to come). We also intend to someday publish the proceedings in book form.

For a glimpse into these symposia, explore the 2016 symposium here.

Click here for information and registration for the seventh annual Eighth Day Symposium on January 12-14, 2017.

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