Great Lent

Feast of St Quadratus the Martyr and His Companions
Great Lent: Journey to Pascha by Fr. Alexander Schmemann

Great_Lent_cover_Square.jpgALEXANDER SCHMEMANN, one of the most respected and widely-read Orthodox writers of the 20th century challenges, in all his work, our willing acceptance of a modern consciousness against a thorougly Christian one. Taking seriously the radical nature of the faith and its exemplar in the Church Fathers, Schmemann never fails... Continue Reading

Unseen Warfare

Feast of Hesychius the Martyr
Unseen Warfare by Lorenzo Scupoli; edited by Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain; revised by Theophan the Recluse

Unseen_Warfare_Square.jpgUNSEEN WARFARE consists of eighty chapters on how to wage spiritual warfare, and thus avoid the fate of those who embrace spiritual atrophy. Originally written by a sixteenth-century Roman Catholic priest, Lorenzo Scupoli, the text was translated into Greek and edited by the Orthodox monk Nicodemus of Mount... Continue Reading

A First Glance at St. Thomas Aquinas

Feast of St Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople
A First Glance at St. Thomas Aquinas: A Handbook for Peeping Thomists by Ralph McInerny

First_Glance_Square.jpgMORE THAN AN introduction to the achievement of St. Thomas Aquinas, this book is an elegant time machine transporting us to an earlier, more confident way of thinking and perceiving reality. McInerny contrasts Aquinas and Descartes, arguing that Aquinas, not Descartes, trusts our ability to perceive the... Continue Reading

Lost in the Cosmos

Feast of Leo, Bishop of Catania
Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book by Walker Percy

Lost_in_Cosmos_cover_Square.jpgTHIS STRANGE BOOK by the great Southern novelist is a genre unto itself: an oblique, lighthearted and philosophical toying with the distinctive foibles of late twentieth-century culture, in the form of a multiple choice, do-it-yourself personality evaluation. "I love this book . . . it makes me squirm at times, in self-recognition"... Continue Reading

The Book of the Elders

Feast of Polycarp the Holy Martyr & Bishop of Smyrna
The Book of the Elders: Sayings of the Desert Fathers - The Systematic Collection; translated by John Wortley

Book_of_the_Elders_cover_Square.jpgIF YOU WERE a monk in the deserts of Egypt in the fifth century, your practice would begin and develop under the guidance of an elder. While you would spend most of your time in solitary prayer, the elder would... Continue Reading

The Luminous Dusk by Dale Allison

Feast of the Circumcision of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and St Basil the Great
The Luminous Dusk: Finding God in the Deep Still Places by Dale C. Allison Jr.

Luminous_Dusk_cover_Square.jpgWHEN WE CONSIDER homo sapiens in his environment, there are certain constraints and variables to be considered. The variables mostly involve his environment, and the modern world has confronted him with changes in those conditions so radical as to... Continue Reading