eighth day weeks

As we begin moving toward the fulfillment of our initial and ultimate goal of a gap-year program (see description of the Catechetical Academy), we intend to develop a curriculum in blocks of weeks so that anybody can enroll in any given week.

To put flesh on this idea, we are organizing our first Eighth Day Week as a prototype. The week will begin on a Sunday evening with an opening lecture and reception. Monday through Saturday will open with morning prayer, followed by various morning and afternoon workshops and seminars (e.g. iconography, great conversations, agrarianism, drama, calligraphy). The hours of prayer will be integrated throughout the day and each evening will conclude with a lecture and evening prayer.

Eighth Day Weeks will be scheduled around a liturgical feast that will serve as a recurring theme throughout the week. The week will conclude with a Saturday evening celebration of the feast and a Sunday morning celebration of the Eighth Day Resurrection. Our first Eighth Day Week will be a bit unique since we are coordinating it with our annual Eighth Day Symposium (see description below).

More information forthcoming.

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