Ellen Awe Presenting Caryll Houselander - An Excerpt

houselander.jpgEllen Awe helped spearhead the launch of Sisters of Sophia. And her father, Gene Herr, served on the original EDI Board of Directors. We are so grateful for their enthusiastic support of Eighth Day Institute.

In this excerpt from her Sisters of Sophia presentation on Caryll Houselander (June 20, 2017), you'll hear a story about her love for a British spy who inspired the creation of the fictional character James Bond, and you'll learn about her miraculous experience with the sacraments.

Membership_Logo_v._2_SMALL.jpegIf you want to hear the rest of the lecture and have access to our full digital library, join our community through Eighth Day Membership and you'll also be supporting our efforts to renew our culture.

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