Evagrius of Pontus: Are You Refusing the Feast?

Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel

Evagrius_Square.jpgALL THE IMPURE thoughts that linger within us on account of the passions bring the mind down to “ruin and destruction” (1 Tim 6.9). For just as the mental representation of bread lingers with the hungry person on account of the hunger, and the mental representation of water in the thirsty person because of the thirst, so too the mental representations of wealth and possessions linger on account of greed and the mental representations of food and shameful thoughts begotten by food linger with us because of the passions. And the same will appear to be the case with thoughts of vainglory and other mental representations. It is not possible for the mind strangled by such mental representations to stand before God and wear the crown of righteousness (2 Tim 4.8). Dragged down by these thoughts that thrice-wretched mind mentioned in the Gospels refused the feast of the knowledge of God (cf. Matt 22.2-7); or again the one who was cast into the outer darkness, bound hand and foot, had a garment woven of these thoughts, and the one who invited him declared he was not worthy to attend such a wedding (cf. Matt 22.11-13). Wherefore, the wedding garment is the impassibility of the rational soul that has renounced worldly desires (cf. Titus 2.12). 

—Evagrius of Pontus, On Thoughts

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