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Feast of St Anthimus, Bishop of Nicomedia

Square_1_Newsboy.jpegTHIS EIGHTH year for Eighth Day Institute has been a pivotal year. We kicked it off with our most successful symposium yet, with over 350 attendees participating from 15 states. We launched our new website, which offers daily passages from the Fathers, along with weekly book reviews from Eighth Day Books and weekly blog posts from a wide range of contributors, including the likes of David Fagerberg, Vigen Guroian, and Benjamin Wiker. We also launched a new, family-friendly Inklings Festival to celebrate the lives of a group of authors who have been influential on both Eighth Day Books and Eighth Day Institute (e.g. C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, et al.). It was so successful, in fact, we’ve made it an annual event and are already making plans for 2016.

You’d think this was enough development for one year. But the second half of 2015 promises to be just as exciting, if not more, with the development of several new endeavors.

We are most excited about our new “Eighth Day Fellowship: A Consortium for Cultural Renewal.” Although still in the works, we are calling all individuals, churches, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who share our vision of cultural renewal to stand together. The mission is of the Fellowship is to promote the renewal of culture by presenting the public a faithful proclamation and a gentle presence of a united, historic Christianity. Stay posted for more details as this important project continues to unfold.

We are also extremely delighted to finally announce a group just for the ladies: The Sisters of Sophia. Like the Hall of Men, who gather to commemorate the heroes of old, the Sisters of Sophia will gather monthly to walk with women of wisdom. Their inaugural meeting is on September 15, with Nyleen Lenk presenting Holy Wisdom. Click here for more information.

We’ve also partnered with our good friend Mike Witherspoon to continue a work he began: “The New Symposium: Rescuing Discourse from the Political Parties.” For the past two years, Mike selected a topic for discussion and facilitated a civil dialogue three times per year. Mike and I will continue this project together at The Ladder, beginning October 27. Dialogue for the first meeting will focus on the question: “How do youth sports positively or negatively impact families, schools and churches?” For those interested in presenting a position, please submit a minimum 300-word abstract of your position. Those who submit will be given a more prominent “seat at the table”, i.e. more speaking time allotted. Doors open at 7 pm and the dialogue runs from 7:30-8:30.

We also have two other projects in the works. Watch for our announcement of dates and themes for a new annual Fall Forum on Education and a new annual Spring Patristics Symposium.

Finally, you can save the date for three other upcoming events:

  1. This year, our Fall Table Talks will be presented monthly. Beginning September 19, I will be presenting a concise version of my dissertation in a three-part series titled “For the Life of a Secular Age.” For our first lecture and discussion, we’ll begin at noon with sixth hour prayer and lunch. At 1 pm, I’ll present “On Secularism, Families & Beauty.” If you intend to join us for lunch, please register here.
  2. Our annual Feast of the Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ will be celebrated on December 11
  3. The sixth annual Eighth Day Symposium will take place on January 14-16 with Mike Aquilina, Hans Boersma, Archdeacon John Chryssavgis, Rod Dreher, Vigen Guroian and others speaking on “Soil and Sacrament: The World as Gift.”

To the 133 Eighth Day Members who are currently sustaining us and enabling us to continue developing our work, words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. Yet words are all I have here so THANK YOU!

If you are not an Eighth Day Member, will you please consider supporting our work, as we are still $20,000 under budget for this fiscal year? Plus you’ll receive exclusive digital access to audio and video recordings of our work!

Thanks again!

In Christ,
Erin “John” Doom

Erin Doom is the founder and director of Eighth Day Institute. He lives in Wichita, KS with his wife Christiane and their four children, Caleb Michael, Hannah Elizabeth, Elijah Blaise, and Esther Ruth.

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