Final Friday March Table Talk: Mindfulness & Orthodox Spirituality in the Digital Age

Join us for our new Final Friday Table Talks, which will follow our revived Benedict Hour.

Doors will open at The Ladder on Friday evening, March 31, at 6 pm for an abbreviated Vespers, followed by about an hour of fellowship and drinks.

At 7:30 Scott Spradlin will present "Mindfulness and Orthodox Spirituality in the Digital Age" - see description below.

We hope you will join us!


"Mindfulness and Orthodox Spirituality in the Digital Age"
We live in an age with ever widening distractions as screens, tablets, and smart phones proliferate across the landscape of our lives. Intended to be useful tools for communication, to many of us they have become sources of compulsion and distraction. Distractions interfere with simple presence, with reading, prayer, and our daily relationships. Fractured attention is related to increased anxiety, stress, and addiction.

In contemporary psychotherapy, the practice of mindfulness has been shown to improve concentration, attentional regulation, and the ability to better control emotions and impulses. Mindfulness as an idea and practice has also become a staple in popular culture, as seen in the number of magazines, radio programs, and books that are translating it into our daily vernacular. While these practices have been largely imported from traditions of the far east, few in the West are aware of mindfulness as a practice of the ancient Church.

This Table Talk will provide attendees with an overview of mindfulness in general, as currently understood by modern psychology and culture, then engage in a thought-provoking review and discussion of Watchfulness as understood in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Drawing from ancient Christian sources, Scott Spradlin, LPC, LAC, will present an Eastern Orthodox view of distraction, the cultivation of attention, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines that can aid us in the digital age to better gather ourselves for meaningful presence to our ourselves, our loved ones, and to God.




March 31, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
The Ladder
Erin Doom ·
Dayna Barlow

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