Florovsky Paper Abstract 22 - Liturgical Prayer & the Protestant Reformation: From Calvin to the Baptists

Feast of St Thomas of Malea

ALTHOUGH, perhaps a lesser subject within the Reformation, liturgical prayer was a source of some discussion amongst the many thinkers in the Protestant church who were linked to the Reformation. Approaching this subject from the views of systematic thinkers who helped shape the Protestant churches, this paper will attempt to examine Calvin’s understanding on liturgical prayer and couple it with the current approach of many low-church organizations such as the Baptist church. 

Amanda Becker is a senior studying Theology and Mathematics at Newman University. In addition to participating in the Honor's program at Newman, she was also one of the founding members of the University's Underground Philosophy Club. She is planning on attending Edinburgh Theological Seminary in the fall of 2019 to earn her Master’s in Theology.

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