Florovsky Paper Abstract - Authority of Scripture and Hermeneutic Method as Historical Bases for Christian Unity

Feast of St Therapon the Hieromartyr, Bishop of Cyprus

WHILE there are persisting differences between Catholic and Protestant views of (1) what constitutes Scripture, (2) the level of exclusivity in authority of Scripture, and (3) what constitutes appropriate hermeneutic methodology, there are commonly held principles that provide bases for Christian unity and fertile ground for collaborative research and practical ministry. This paper briefly (1) examines both the differences and commonality in these three areas, (2) investigates the inherent potential within the commonalities for applied unity in practice, and (3) considers a text-based strategy for increasing the commonalities of understanding, and thus promoting a higher degree of like-mindedness and collaborative impact.

Christopher Cone, Th.D, Ph.D, Ph.D, serves as President of Calvary University and as Research Professor of Bible and Theology. He has formerly served in executive and faculty roles at Southern California Seminary as Chief Academic Officer and Research Professor of Bible and Theology, and at Tyndale Theological Seminary as President and Professor of Bible and Theology. He has served in several pastoral roles and has also held teaching positions at the University of North Texas, North Central Texas College, and Southern Bible Institute. Christopher is the author and general editor of more than a dozen books. He lives in the Kansas City area with his wife Cathy, and their two daughters, Christiana, and Cara Grace.

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