Florovsky Paper Abstract - Did the Church Fathers Misunderstand Their Native Greek When it Came to Remarriage?

Feast of St Justin the Martyr & Philosopher

THE OFFICIAL teaching of the early church from its earliest writings until the 16th century called all remarriage when the first spouses are still alive ongoing adultery. Erasmus, during the days of the Reformation, disagreed with the early church fathers on the topic of remarriage, and even changed the Greek text of Matthew 19:9 in his editions of the Greek New Testament to reinforce his position. The doctrinal view most Christians hold to today in regard to divorce and remarriage is known among many scholars as the “Erasmian” position. Is it possible that for 500 years we have wrongly “read into” Scripture a doctrinal position not taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul?

David Lau graduated in May of 1988 with a M.Div degree from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI, the training school for pastors of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. He served Lutheran congregations in Tyer, TX, Angleton, TX, and Kingman, AZ during his almost 20 years of ministry. In November of 2007 he resigned from the Lutheran ministry when his wife left him and later filed for divorce and eventually remarried on grounds for divorce that had never been mentioned in public WELS teaching up to that point. The WELS leadership has yet to provide documented Biblical and historical support  for what is in reality their new doctrinal position on Marriage/Divorce/Remarriage (MDR). Mr. Lau is currently working as a Youth Behavioral Health Specialist for juvenile youth in a transitional living facility.

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