Florovsky Paper Abstract - "We find often the nobleness of the great barbarians and nomads": The Logoi of Jesus Christ as Criterion for All Creation

Feast of the Holy Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra

THE LOGOI theology of Saint Maximus the Confessor (580 - 662) is startling in how comfortably it synthesizes, without confusion, the created and uncreated realms. This is one of the most puzzling aspects of the logoi, which seem to be at the same time both in God and in the world. It is Jesus Christ who is the solution to this mystery as both the divine mind of God and the human mind of Jesus. That is to say, the uncreated logoi of the divine mind of God are revealed to us through the created logoi of the human mind of Jesus. Utilizing this as the hermeneutical key, this paper argues that, despite lacking unity, Saint Maximus recognizes Christians (and even barbarians and Jews) as proper bearers of spiritual logoi. Jesus Christ, who bears all the created and uncreated logoi in their fullness, is the criterion for their proportionate faith. While it is unclear if Saint Maximus could understand this proportionate participation in the logoi as enabling salvation, this still remains an early and developed theory in which even the unbaptized can truly participate in the Christian mystery .

Christopher Barnard and his wife Serena live in Wichita, KS and have four children: Damian, Therese, Louis, and Claire. After studies at Benedictine College, he went to Rome and recently completed his S.T.D. at the Angelicum on Saint Maximus the Confessor.

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