Florovsky Paper Abstract - Three Streams & One River: The History & Future of the Convergence Movement

Feast of St Erasmos & His Companion Martyrs

DURING the latter half of the twentieth century Christians from denominations around the world have stated a desire to find their way back to the roots of Christianity and experience a more full expression of Christianity and the life of the Church. One way in which this has manifested is the ‘convergence movement’. The convergence movement has developed as a bridge for promoting unity among Christians from the various ‘streams’, or historic traditions, and has encouraged their flowing into the one ‘river’ of the Church. This paper will give a basic history of convergence, including a few notable events and people, offer an overview of a communion of convergent congregations, and discuss the possible future of convergence.

Ryan Mackey is Auxiliary Bishop to the Presiding for The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and teaches music history and technology at Central Christian College of Kansas. He holds Master’s degrees in ministry and music. His passions include teaching and incorporating the historic traditions of the Church in contemporary practices.

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