Florovsky Week Program with Schedule & Location Details

Feast of St Dionysios the Orator

IN LESS than 28 hours we'll be celebrating the life of Fr. Georges Florovsky at the festal banquet. And then the prayer, iconography workshop, the academic papers, and the plenary dialogues will begin on Wednesday and run through Saturday.

If you're still considering whether or not to attend, of if you are wondering where the different parts of the week will be held, you can get the full scoop with the full schedule, all of the abstracts, and locations for all events, plus the note from the Director's Desk and a piece by Florovsky on his experience with ecumenical dialogues, in THIS SHORTENED PDF VERSION OF THE EVENT PROGRAM.

If you haven't registered and do decide to attend, please consider supporting our summer fundraising campaign by becoming a monthly Patron at the discounted $25/month and you can attend all week for free. Just select "Donate" instead of the "Get Tickets" button.

See you tomorrow evening!

In Christ,
Erin John

P.S. If you register for the all-access pass, you'll receive a complementary Florovsky pint glass.

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