Florovsky Week Registration: Free Cloud of Witnesses Pint Glasses

Feast of Sts Carpos & Alphaeus, Apostles of the 70

IT'S TIME to register for our inaugural Florovsky Week, an ecumenical retrospective on the Reformation with a focus on "The Patristic View of Salvation: Justification by Faith Alone?"

Take advantage of early rates by registering before June 17.

If you have not already joined our community of Eighth Day Members, now is the time to begin supporting the work of cultural renewal - sign up as an Eighth Day Patron or Pillar and you can attend the whole week free (excludes icon workshop).

Sign up now and the first 35 registrants will receive a complementary set of our Cloud of Witnesses pint glass series (Anthony, Basil, Cyril, Patrick, Lewis); the next 15 will receive their choice of two pint glasses. REGISTER HERE.

If you don't know much about this inaugural event, see the description below by our Vice President, Fr. Geoff Boyle. For more information and the full schedule, CLICK HERE.

If you're interested in presenting a paper or submitting an essay on the event's theme for the Eighth Day Blog visit http://eighthdayevents.org/florovsky-week-2018/call-for-papers.

I hope to see you this summer at the Florovsky Week!

Director Doom

On October 31st, 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. The rest is history. Today there are six different churches in a quarter-mile square neighborhood. Lutherans come in various stripes, as do Baptists and Presbyterians, not to mention the many independent and non-denominational churches. And yet, Jesus prayed “that they may be one” (Jn 17:21). Is there any hope for us to be one? Has the Reformation left an indelible schism within the Church? Will we only have unity in heaven and not on earth? These are the questions that the first, annual Eighth Day Institute Florovsky Week seeks to address. Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox perspectives on the question of “Justification by Faith Alone” will fill the evening lectures as well as the Saturday program. Hans Boersma, Kenneth Howell, and Bradley Nassif will offer these lectures. The afternoon papers from local professors, pastors, and arm-chair theologians will address various topics related to the Reformation. Plus there will be an iconography workshop on Tue-Fri. Join us July 10-14, 2018. The whole Florovsky Week is a bargain: $95! Or, come for a day: Tuesday’s banquet is $35, Wed-Fri is $15 each, and Saturday is $35. The iconography workshop is a separate event for $300. All events are at Newman University, except Saturday, which is at St. George Orthodox Cathedral. For more information and registration, visit http://eighthdayevents.org/florovsky-week-2018 or call 316.573.8413.

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