God in Patristic Thought

Feast of the Holy Apostle Thaddaeus
God in Patristic Thought by G. L. Prestige

God_in_Patristic_thought_Square.jpgThis is a recent reprint of a book first published in 1936, well worth revisiting because of its careful and organized look at themes in patristic Trinitarian theology. After meticulously combing through the works of the Greek Fathers to grasp the meanings of words as the Fathers actually used them, Prestige had assembled a lexicon of patristic theological Greek. He then put his detailed knowledge of primary sources to work in the present volume. While he addresses contributions of the Latin Fathers, the profundity, nuance, and enormous influence of the Greek Fathers attracts most of his attention. He demonstrates that the Greek Fathers were excellent rational thinkers, inheritors of a great philosophical tradition who then turned reason to Christian uses. Rather than focusing on the thought of particular individuals, he traces theological development by theme. What were the basic attributes of deity? How did the Fathers speak of God’s transcendence and providence? How did the range of approaches to expressing Trinitarian theology move toward doctrinal consensus? What were the issues that led to an outbreak of tritheism in the sixth century, and how was it overcome? In God in Patristic Thought, we witness the long Christian struggle to articulate how it can be that “as seen and thought, He is three; as seeing and thinking, He is one.”  

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