Great Conversations: Who Is Currently the Best Candidate to Be Elected President of the U.S.A.?


One year from now someone will be a couple of weeks into their first term as the 45th President of the United States (44th Presidency; cf. Grover Cleveland). We are wondering whom that will be?

On Tuesday, February 23, you are invited/urged to attend a Great Conversation at The Ladder, headquarters for Eighth Day Institute located immediately west of Eighth Day Books (2838 E. Douglas).

The topic: "Who is currently the best candidate to be elected President of the United States on November 8, 2016?"

I will gladly moderate the conversation, expecting many of us to have reasoned opinions. It could be a bit of "free for all," though we will make every effort to widely share the floor.

Not having sufficient input from those in the Bernie/Hillary camps would be disappointing. Please help get the word out to those whose perspective might be on the other side of the spectrum from yours.

As you prepare your mental framework, consider the following prompts:

  1. Whom will Trump choose as his running mate?
  2. Which candidate sees most clearly America’s proper, future role in the world’s political culture?
  3. Are any candidates spiritually positioned to have “wisdom from above”?
  4. Is Trump’s connection with the angst of the “lowering” middle class enough to make him electable?
  5. Is the office of POTUS overly romanticized, even beyond anyone’s rising to the hopeful expectations?
  6. Is America moving beyond unification, i.e., have diversity, multiculturalism, single-issue agendas so divided political loyalties that America should adopt the European system of proportional representation with an ascendant prime minister?
  7. Is today’s political anger in large segments of the electorate reasonable, constructive? Who can best manage it? Transform it into something helpful?
  8. Is Bernie identifying a future not-so-silent majority (the millennials) whose values portend trouble for the Republican party?
  9. Are Cruz or Trump even electable in November 2016?
  10. Is the American electorate, en masse, capable of recognizing the best candidate for POTUS? What are the criteria?
  11. What are the strengths that Hillary Clinton would bring to the Presidency?
  12. Carly Fiorina, where are you?

Please submit your position to me by email. We can post it as a blog and you'll be given time to present at the table of conversation.

And please join the good conversation on the EDI blogs as we prepare for the Great Conversation.

Looking further ahead, on Tuesday, April 12, we will consider the proper interpretation and understanding of the Creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2. This topic raises questions of the age of the earth, the historicity of Adam and Eve, the time frame of God's Creative activity, the divine "lesson in it all," and more.

In the bonds of great conversation,
Mike Witherspoon​

February 23, 2016 at 7pm - 9pm
The Ladder
Mike Witherspoon ·
Steve Witherspoon Mary Ann Khoury

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    What continue to be the essential tasks of the President, Constitutionally and practically?

    What are the domestic and international opportunities the next President will have to make this a better world?

    Who is positioned to mediate the growing disaffection between the rich and the lower middle class?

    Who realizes that the economic malaise is more problematic on the demand side than the supply side?

    Who would want to be led to the pre-FDR days in which the social safety net scarcely existed?

    Who understands the price dynamics in health care, largely a function of suppliers realizing that consumers will pay most any price to stay healthy?

    Is there no place for a bully pulpit?

    Can this postmodern smorgasbord of moral autonomy be coalesced into a more righteous standard by the right leader?

    Within the fan bases of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, is there a hidden, subtle outcry for a return to monarchies, wherein solutions are dictated, sometimes speedily and decisively?

    Don’t we need a President who can work both sides of the aisle?

    If America in the past needed George Washington’s inspirational attitude, Lincoln’s steely resolve, T. Roosevelt’s progressivism, Reagan’s moral firmness, Clinton’s compromising politics (cf. the nation’s last balanced budgets), who might American need at this time?

    Is the Presidency becoming anachronistic? In the not-that-distant future will an International Directorate dictate world politics? Will this oligarchy balance budgets by requiring all to work and ending government-sponsored welfare (and its unaffordable costs)?

    Should POTUS be the chief executive along the lines of a city council-city manager model, except on a grander scale, so that the President merely implements legislation? Should the presidential veto power be emended Constitutionally, i.e. taken away?

    Does it matter if the President does not know the gaffe in stating Two Corinthians?