Sophia: The Wisdom of God

Feast of the Martyrs Sophia and her Three Daughters Faith, Hope and Love

Sophia_Square_2.jpegWELL, WE (or they) finally did it.

After years of hopes and prayers and surreptitiously conspiring how we could be part of the Hall of Men (Some, I’ve heard, considered wearing costume beards, sitting in the back, and pretending to like dark beer), the Sisters of Sophia are official.

The evening kicked off with a delicious meal... Continue Reading

T. F. Torrance: Godly Patristic Theologian with Holy Ghost Logic

Feast of St Pelagia the Nun-martyr of Tarsus

Torrance_for_HoM_blog.jpgI FIRST MET Dr. Chris Kettler, Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Friends University, while working at Eighth Day Books almost twenty years ago. I now consider him a dear friend and an academic mentor. It was therefore a true honor and joy to have him present once again at the Hall of Men.

For this third presentation, Dr. Kettler completed the presentation... Continue Reading

Rich Mullins: Scriptural Songwriter

Feast of St Terence and His Companions Beheaded at Carthage

Rich_with_Lap_Dulcimer.jpgThe Life of Rich Mullins bears a particular weight within the community of Wichita. A close friend and inspiration for many, his story is a demonstration of heroic faith without contention. At our last Hall of Men on March 26, David Mullins presented his older brother Rich Mullins. 

The son of John and Neva Mullins, Rich grew up on a farm in Richmond, Indiana.  At... Continue Reading

Arvo Pärt: Composer of Bright Sadness

Feast of Apostle Aristobulus of the Seventy, Bishop of Britain

Arvo-Pärt_small.jpgI hope each of you has had a significant moment in your life when music so deeply moved you that you could do nothing but listen and attend to its beauty. This is the posture of overwhelming wonder. Great composers lead their listeners to this sort of posture.

This is precisely what the contemporary composer Arvo Pärt does. At the last... Continue Reading