In Defense of Christians

Feast of the Holy Righteous Martyr Eudocia the Samaritan

Persecuted_Christians_Square.jpegIF YOU DIDN'T make it to the conference we co-sponsored with St George Orthodox Christian Cathedral this past weekend (“Power & Persecution: The Status of the Persecuted Christian Communities in the Middle East”), you missed out.

Fr Paul O’Callaghan gave us an excellent and concise historical overview of who the Christians are in the Middle East. Nahren Anweya told us countless heart-wrenching stories of persecuted and martyred (beheadings and crucifixions in the 21st century!) Christians in the Middle East. Adib Farha adamantly affirmed the possibility of a Christian future in Lebanon as he gave us a brilliant exposition of the history and status of Christians in Lebanon. And Ninar Keyrouz enlightened us about the mission and work of In Defense of Christians, a non-profit organization promoting unity among Christians to promote awareness of the genocide taking place right now in the Middle East.

Whether you made it or not, you can still get involved. If you live close to us in Wichita, stay posted for details regarding the formation of a local chapter of In Defense of Christians. If you don’t live near Wichita, please visit In Defense of Christians and consider forming a chapter in your community.

You can also take action right now by signing a petition to stop the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Please act now!

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