Frustrated by the decay of culture & widespread dysfunctional discourse?

You can stand together with Christians from all traditions and make a difference!

Eighth Day Institute exists to renew our culture and facilitate a dialogue of love & truth. And we've been at it for over a decade.

Pearce_Profile.jpegAfter visiting us this past weekend for our Inklings Lecture series, prolific author Joseph Pearce compared our work to the great C. S. Lewis. Here's what he had to say:

How heartening and edifying to see Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants coming together in a spirit of on-fire evangelical commitment to the Lord. May the Eighth Day Institute and its grace-filled work continue to flourish! ~Joseph Pearce

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What current Eighth Day Members are saying

Jeri_Holladay_Square_1.jpegEighth Day Institute fosters informed conversation.  ~An Eighth Day Member from Kansas

Eighth Day Institute draws together Christians - Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant - in love and fellowship, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, where they may be challenged, edified, enlivened, and equipped to grow in the faith and to better reflect the light of Christ in their own local and ecclesial contexts.  ~An Eighth Day Member from Tennessee

The simple fact that so many people of different backgrounds can come together and talk to each other with love and respect is, at this point, an extremely counter cultural act - and a step in the direction of cultural renewal. Thanks for making this possible. The need for Eighth Day Institute is greater now than when you began - it had to have been the Holy Spirit urging you on. ~An Eighth Day Member from Kansas

Join our community of Patrons and Pillars today and we'll continue to facilitate dialogues of love and truth to edify and equip you in your faith and to help you renew the culture in your community.

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