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    ​Great Conversationalists,

    We are looking forward to a “fun” evening of conversation as we try to monitor the many turns along the wild ride that the paths to Republican and Democratic nominations for POTUS 2016 have become.

    Further prompts:

    1.Whom do you want holding the office that, for some, symbolizes American leadership in the world, commands the armed forces of the most powerful nation on the planet, sets the tone for the purview of federal regulatory agencies, starts the federal budget conversation each year, and appoints Supreme Court nominees (Mr. Scalia, some of us will miss you) — and why?

    2.What Constitutional hermeneutic does America need more — originalist or activist?

    3.If pluralism is dying (given the postmodern worldview) and neo-tribalism growing, what would a Presidential voice say to restore national dialogue?

    4.Should Wall Street or Main Street receive more attention from the next POTUS?

    5.Which qualities in the next President are most important to you — and why: authenticity; open-mindedness; common sense; compassion; independence (not beholden); passion or dispassion; a dealmaker or purist; a working moral compass; sober momliness (Kathleen Parker on Hillary)?

    6.Have the world’s economic barons moved beyond the control of any nation’s president?

    7.Is national moral consensus so anachronistic and social media so personalized that the bully pulpit is just an intrusion, avoided by a quick click on whatever device individuals use to build their own moral autonomy?

    8.Is the migration of people groups across the globe approaching at will? Can presidents stop it? Should they?

    9.Is unilateral military confrontation so increasingly frowned upon by the world community, that the POTUS is relatively paralyzed?

    10.Given the eventual failure of fiat money — and the political promises that engender it — can someone be elected POTUS who realizes this? Or is democracy accelerating toward its own demise?

    See you on the 23rd, 7 p.m., at The Ladder, immediately west of Eighth Day Books.

    In the bonds of civil discourse,

    Mike Witherspoon

    P.S. I am bringing my yellow and red verbal-traffic signs! ;-)
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