New and Improved Eighth Day Membership

Feast of the Holy Martyrs Alexander and Antonina

High_Quality_EDI_Monk_Image_Small.jpegI AM SO grateful to the growing community of Eighth Day Members. Simply put, without you the work of Eighth Day Institute would have come to an end long ago. Thank you so much for supporting our humble efforts at renewing culture through faith and learning.

I also beg your forgiveness for not doing a better job of communicating my gratitude, maintaining consistent communication, and simply taking care of you as a faithful EDI supporter.

We are at a vitally important juncture of our existence as we move into our second decade of work. I have been working hard, in conjunction with the EDI Board of Directors, to develop a strategic plan for this next phase. And part of that plan includes membership care. To that end, there are at least four things we are doing differently this year.

1) We are restructuring Membership Perks to give you more access to the Ladder and its Library and to give you discounts at all of our events. We will be announcing that plan next week.

2) We have also created a private Facebook Group as a forum for Eighth Day Members to connect, communicate, dialogue, and develop as a community. If you are a current member, join us at this link.

3) Hopefully you have already seen the new addition of the Digital Lectern to the homepage of our website. On a weekly basis we'll be posting new digital content that is only accessible to YOU, the faithful donor who sustains our work through membership. This content will include: Hall of Men and Sisters of Sophia lectures; presentations from the Eighth Day Symposium and the Inklings Octoberfest; lectures at other Feasts and Table Talks; and just maybe an occasional word from the Director.

4) In addition to the annual Christmas Feast that we organize to express our appreciation to Eighth Day Members, this summer we are adding a new annual State of the Institute meeting. For this summer's meeting, we'll present our strategic plan and seek your input. We'll be announcing the date for that meeting soon.

Once again, thank you so much for your support!

In Christ,
Director Doom

P.S. If you are not an Eighth Day Member, please consider joining our community today!

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